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Come and try our Brand New Archery Activity open to the public in February Half Term  


Our Archery experience gives you the chance to master the ancient art of archery by taking on the targets and going for gold. With the help of the experienced instructors you’ll learn basic bow skills before taking on the targets at the range.

You’ll even have the chance to unleash your competitive streak by taking part in a scored competition, so get ready to unleash you inner Robin Hood.

How to book

Stand alone Archery session – £18 per person, per session. Each session lasts an hour including safety brief and archery equipment.

Archers must arrive and book in at reception at least  15 minutes prior to your booking time. Please ensure your waiver forms have been completed prior to check-in. No refunds will be given for late attendees. 


The minimum age for participation is 10 years old.

Archery Rules

Archers are to always follow the instructors’ instructions.

Archers shoot only at the target directly opposite their shooting position.

Archers may not raise the bow arm to shoot until the signal to start shooting is given.

Shooting will be in one direction only – at the designated target.

Archers should aim continuously toward their target when drawing their bow. The bow must not be drawn in such a way that if the string was accidentally released the arrow would fly out of the safety zone.

Archers are not permitted to collect arrows unless given direction by the instructor.

NO FLIP-FLOPS OR OPEN-TOED FOOTWEAR IS ALLOWED. Any jewellery or watches must be removed from the participant’s arms, any loose upper clothing must be tucked in and long hair tied back.