North Yorkshire Water Park has well stocked fishing lakes only a short walk from our Water Park lake. We have a coarse lake and a predator lake which are all well stocked with a large variety of fish.

On arrival to the Water park please book in at the Reception building or book online.



Coarse Lake

The Coarse Lake is roughly two acres and has a wide selection of features, including bays, lily pads, marginal reeds, over hanging trees, gravel bars and an island. It is a well-stocked lake with Carp, averaging 5 lbs. Larger fish are regularly caught weighing up to 22lb.There is a variety of carp such as mirror, common and some beautifully coloured crucian carp. There are also Roach over 1lb, and Perch and Bream.

  • Full day £8 per person maximum of 2 rods.
  • Only fishing from the peg is permitted.


Predator & Trout Lake – Now Syndicate Only 

The Predator Syndicate is limited and has a few places remaining for this season 2023, please contact reception for further information.


Fishing Rules

  • Correct unhooking equipment is required when fishing on the North Yorkshire Water Park: a large landing net (minimum 36” or larger) and a large unhooking mat.
  • No rods are to be left unattended, under any circumstances.
  • Never weigh or lift a fish by the gills, use a net or weigh sling.
  • When moving fish to and from the water please ensure you always use a landing net or zipped unhooking mat.
  • When photographing fish; support the fish over a large unhooking mat, kneel and please do not stand up with the fish.
  • When returning fish after capture, please support the fish in the water giving it plenty of time to recover before releasing it.
  • If a fish is deep hooked – hold the fish in the water, in a landing net and seek assistance.
  • No plastic or imitation baits.
  • Strictly no swimming
  • No drugs or heavy drinking
  • No music
  • Vehicles must be parked on the car parks provided and no driving or parking on the grass.
  • No litter to be left under any circumstances (including tea bags and cigarette butts), pegs will be checked.
  • All anglers must have appropriate EA licenses
  • No keep nets to be use at any times
  • Under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult

How to find us

Long Causeway Rd
YO13 9QU

See Opening times Page to keep updated

Please Leave a phone number on a email regarding your Enquiry